How HDPE Gloves Are Made?

Explaining how we produce food grade HDPE gloves in our glove factory in China.

HDPE gloves are the most common type of polyethylene gloves. It is also the cheapest in terms of price.

As a disposable plastic gloves manufacturer in China, In this article, we are going to explain the exact procedure of HDPE glove manufacture.

1. Material Preparation

  • Food Grade Virgin HDPE
  • Food Grade Virgin LDPE
  • Blue Color Masterbatch if needed.

The food-grade PE resins and masterbatch are mixed in a clean tank before being pumped into the film-blowing machine line.

This step is important for us to produce food grade disposable gloves.

2. Film Blowing

film blowing for gloves
Film Blowing

The material mixture are melted in the film blowing machine.

The film blowing machine can blow the melted plastic into a tube of plastic film. Film can be transparent or blue depending on the gloves color.

The blown film are cut into size of a gloves and stacked. One stack are usually 100pcs of film tube.

3. Glove Making

hdpe gloves making

We have a very sharp mold that can punch the film tube stack into a pack of gloves.

Not only the film is punched into a glove shape, but the punching line is also melted so that the film tube can become a glove.

Our automatic machine can take away the residue and keep the gloves for packaging workers.

4. Gloves Packing

The gloves can be packed directly after the glove-making/punching.

We can pack them in different ways:

  • 100pcs in a plastic bag
  • 100pcs in a small carton box
  • 500pcs in a dispenser box
  • 100pcs in a dispenser header block
  • more ways to go…

Finally, they will be packed in kraft carton boxes before being loaded into the container.


How do you deal with the residue in gloves punching?

We can recycle them and use them to make aprons.

Do you make food grade HDPE gloves?

All our HDPE gloves are food grade because we use virgin grade polyethylene to make this product.

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